Saturday, March 30, 2013

Threadless T-Shirt Submissions

Last month submit a few shirt designs to contests on

Unfortunately none of them were selected to be printed, but here they are.

This first design was done for the Power Tanks contest -- tank tops for workin' out!

 These next 3 designs were done for the Fantastic Four contest.  Designs inspired by the Fantastic Family, using characters from the Fantastic Four comics.
Hot air balloon!

Keep away!

 This last one was inspired by a story from the early 90's where the Fantastic Four were presumed dead and temporarily replaced by Spider-Man, the Grey Hulk (aka. Joe Fix-it), Ghost-Rider, and Wolverine. So even though it was technically within the guidelines, it was declined for submission.  I knew it was a stretch, but i had to try!

all characters belong to Marvel Comics, except the running doughnut.
all artwork done by Chris Wagner.

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  1. Those first two FF images are gorgeous, I'd love to have them on a t-shirt.